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Castors in Stock from Eastern Steel

E.S.T.S stocks a wide range of castors to suit all sorts of engineering needs from light 2" plastic furniture castors to 12" heavy industrial steel castors.

Castors are available in nylon plastic, rubber, pump wheel and steel. Most castors are available in fixed plate form, swivel plate (suitable for welding) or bolt hole.

Stocks a range of TENTE castors for institutional patient trolleys, dressing trolleys, beds, shower commodes, etc. TENTE synthetic institutional castors combine elegant futuristic design and leading technology. The use of high quality materials and advanced production techniques build the foundation of the outstanding quality provided with this castor. New technical bearing and locking concepts guarantee smooth motion and ease of operation.

Tente Castors offers Excellent roll and swivel performance are a trademark of this castor. Evocare uses high quality synthetic materials for production, which are largely resistant to all known detergents and disinfectants. The compact and smooth surfaced exterior reduces the possibility of picking up dirt and ensures maximum ease of cleaning.

This allows a wide range of applications, such as hospitals and nursing home furniture, medical equipment, serving carts and catering equipment.
Our standard castors in size 100 and 125 mm are available in swivel, rigid, locking design, electrically conductive and washable versions.